W003A Water based varnish for metallized film and paper


W003A is a water based varnish which can be a top coat for transfer metallized film and metallic paper or primer
for aluminum foil. It produces a glossy layer. The varnish has excellent adhesiveness, wearability and adaptability
to various types of ink. It is used to replace traditional oil based primer. More over, it is non-toxic and environmental

Finesse (um), <
Solids content%
Viscosity (ZAHN #4, 25DEG, Sec)
milky liquid
102 sec (25C)

1. non-toxic; no sent; environmental friendly
2. excellent glossiness and adaptability to gold card and silver card paper,
3. excellent adhesiveness to aluminum layer, excellent anti-block capability

Application keywords:
1. diluted 15-20% with alcohol and water (alcohol : water, 1:1);
2. apply with 250-300 wite ceramic roll; 3-5 gram/ square meter;
3. drying temperature: 95-120; speed: 80-100m/min ;
4. to avoid blocking, apply cooling roller and wind cooler system

Packing & storage:
1. 200 kg drum
2. stored in a ventilated area; avoid direct sun light and extreme cold.

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.


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