Changfeng Chemicals International ltd. (CCI) It was founded in 1996 and is a manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of chemical materials for the specialty printing industry more than 24 years, such as the hologram print industry and transfer metallic film and paper industry. We distribute a wide range of coatings, varnishes, release agents, emboss agents and adhesives for plastic film, aluminum foil and paper.

Our customer service staff has had hands on experience working in specialty printing industry factories and therefore can offer expert advice and service. Additionally, we are accurate in delivering our products on time whether it is to a single location or many locations throughout the world. We will be available to you throughout the entire process providing you with technical support and service from our cross field application engineers. For more than 24 years CCI has been committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services, continuously exceeding our clients' expectations. As a result we have many clients who have been purchasing from us since our company began.

  Our modern streamlined facility and management method makes it possible for CCI staff to meet your requirements in an efficient and professional way. Whether you are a domestic or an overseas client we are dedicated to meeting all your requirements and are open to discuss them at any time.

You are welcome to call or visit us at your convenience.

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