TS217A Varnish for a variety of metallized film


TS217A is specially formulated for various metallized film, such as PET, BOPA, OPP etc. With proper application,
this product bonds to the aluminum surface and provide excellent wearability and adaptability to various ink.

Finesse (um), <
Solids content%
Viscosity (ZAHN #4, 25DEG, Sec)

translucence liquid, no visible impurity

Application keywords:
1. 175-200 wite gravure;
2. drying temperature: 95-110C (slightly rises temperature and speed can enhance adhesiveness, especially
    effective to OPP aluminum film and other less-adhesive material)
3. dilute according to production condition, normally no more than 30%

Packing & storage:
1. 185kg drum
2. stored in a ventilated area

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.


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