TS181 Varnish for a variety of metallized film

TS181 is a varnish formulated for various metallized film, such as PET, BOPA, OPP etc. It has excellent
adaptability to various types of ink and is used as a general varnish for plastic metallized film.

Finesse (um), <
Solids content%
Viscosity (ZAHN #4, 25DEG, Sec)

translucence liquid, no visible impurity

1. 150-200 wite gravure;
2. drying temperature: 90-110C (slightly rises temperature and speed can enhance adhesiveness); speed: 80-100m/min

Packing & storage:
1. 185kg drum
2. stored in a ventilated area

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.


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