CF-5703A Aluminum foil laminating adhesive


CF-5703A is specially formulated for aluminum foil and card paper lamination. It has proven effective for provide
excellent adhesiveness, flexibility and fluidity in the production.

Solids content, %
Viscosity (rotary viscosity, 3#12/25C)
Ph value

milky liquid

1. specially formulated for aluminizing foil and card paper lamination
2. innocuous, environmental friendly

Application keywords:
1. drying temperature: 80-100; speed: 70-100m/min
2. aluminum surface has to be dust and smear free
3. can be diluted with water

Packing and storage
1. 200kg drum
2. vacuumed and store at ventilated place; avoid direct sun light; store at 5~30C
3. storage life is normally 6 months. If you exceed the storage life, the product should be re-adjusted based on where it was     stored.

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.


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