BS100 Paper Moisturizer (primer)


BS100 is a primer made of synthetic resin and additives. It is specially formulated for gold card and sliver card
laminating production. It enhances moisture, smoothness and adhesiveness and prevents paper curling.

Solids content, %
Viscosity (ZAHN #4, 25C)
Ph value

translucence liquid

1. excellent adaptability to gold card and silver card paper
2. excellent adhesiveness, flexibility and fluidity
3. innocuous, environmental friendl

1. 180-250 wite Gravure
2. drying temperature: 80-100C
3. layer surface has to be dust and smear free

Packing & Storage:
1. 200kg drum
2. stored in a ventilated area

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.

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