BJ-8829 Primer for transfering metallized OPP film on to paper


BJ8829 is a recommended primer for transfering metallized film on to paper. It can be applied on top of aluminum
layer to prevent auxiliary agent penetrate from OPP film and enhance adaptability of aluminum layer to adhesive.

Finesse(um), <
Solids content, %>
Viscosity (ZAHN #4, 25C)
translucence liquid, no visible impurity

Application keywords:
1. 250-300 wite Gravure; evenly apply
2. drying temperature: 90-110C (control speed properly to avoid blocking)
3. normally no diluent required. (otherwise no more than 10%)

1. 185kg drum
2. stored in a ventilated area

If you use a unique processing technique, please examine this product's adaptability before applying and don't
hesitate to contact our technical department for more information.

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